streets cell phone references

A Grand Don’t Come For Free

It Was Supposed To Be So Easy: Where’s my phone have I got it, Oh this is a crock of shit · I lost the fucking thing, oh here it is in my pocket · But the batteries nearly flat, gotta call quick snap · Aww shit, the battery is flat

Could Well Be In: She had her phone stuck to the side of her face. · I sat for a minute while she chatted away · ’bout somethin with her mom and her birthday. · Tryin to look like i weren’t just waitin there · For her conversation to come to an end. · I look at my watch and realized right then · That, for three hours, been in conversation. · Before she put her phone down, she switched to silent, · And we carried on chattin for more than that again.

Not Addicted: The question I have to ask one · Is how I managed, not to manage the trot · Maybe I could phone in and slap it on · Put all my money on a mid-match one · Yes, I dont know the first thing about football

Blinded By The Light: People keep pushing me though, no reception on the phone. · And i’m thinkin’…
(Light are blinding my eyes) · I hate coming to the entrance, just to get bars on my phone, · You have no new messages, so why haven’t they phoned? · Menu, write message, so where are you and Simone? · Send message, Stan’s number, where’ve they gone? · Why’s the message pending? where the fuck are ya? · They could have texted me when they were near, but i’m fucked and i don’t care.

Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way: From the sofa giving them a ding · Tell em, I will go threes on that gram later on this evening

Get Out Of My House: I never phoned that bloke from the TV company

Fit But You Know It: (none)

Such A Twat: Just calling to ensure you got back in · (Can you hear me? Na sorry mate your fuzzy mate I can’t hear ya) · (I lost you for a minute yeah yeah I can hear you now) ·And when she got in a mood with me in that text about that thing · I just switched off the phone when she started shouting · (Hello? Ahh fucking phones man) · (Yeah I think we got cut off, yeah I got crap reception in my house. I have to stand in a certain spot in my kitchen or it cuts out)

What Is He Thinking: (none)

Dry Your Eyes: (none)

Empty Cans: Scott texted me to say he’d have a look at the TV for me · Phoned this company out the yellow pages;
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