mobissimo travellin’

My former co-worker and friend Shin-Pei points to Mobissimo on her new blog Bird to the North.

You thought Orbitz was a step up from Travelocity? (Priceline is too ghetto to be in the running.) Let Mobissimo blow you away. It is the best travel search site yet. Simple and clean, it serves up results fast.

Good timing since I am trying to buy a ticket to India my longest-yet flight on my own dime. My search did yield some good prices and lots of choices quickly with a minimum of clutter.


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  1. I think it is more appropriate to say "friend and former co-worker" instead of the way I have it here. Apologies.

    Side note: Sometimes I do corrections in comments because many RSS readers treat edited posts as new and I don’t like it when other people endlessly correct their spelling and make me think they’ve got new stuff when they don’t.

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