hello my name is corey

Seth Godin points to HELLO, my name is Scott.

Basically, this guy Scott has been wearing a nametag every single day for 1434 days (as of today).

He says that it has fundamentally changed his life. As well as parlaying the whole thing into speaking engagements, books and tapes about how to create “front porches” in your life and work.

It is interesting because I have a bad reputation for being the opposite of Scott. I tend not to introduce myself unnecessarily and have been known to present an air of relative un-welcomeness to other people around the office. This week I have boxes stacked up around my desk as a barrier of sorts. Of course I don’t mean to do this, but some combination of personality and circumstance created this. Perhaps some variation on the name-tag meme would work for me.

Actually now that I’m thinking about it, I really don’t want people coming up to me while I’m at my desk. I generally wear headphones — sometimes even just listening to minimalist techno, basically white-noise. However, my online personality is quite the opposite. I try to be logged into instant messenger (msn) whenever I am at a computer, any computer. Any time I get up and go to the kitchen I mark myself as “be right back” and welcome IMs at any time really.

I need a “HELLO, my name is Corey, but please Instant Message me if you want to talk” sticker.



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