living the movie – office space

They announced our new seating plans today. Basically I’m getting moved from a coveted semi-private window spot to a deep into the building middle cube, middle row. Of course I proceed to gripe loudly about it and Vinod quotes Milton and it hits me — I’m living the movie.

[Scene: Milton’s cubicle, under the banner. He’s on the phone with Peter.]

Milton: I, I don’t care if they, if they lay me off either, because I, I told Bill that if he moves my desk one more time, then, then I’m quitting. I’m going to quit. And I told Dom too because they’ve moved my desk four times. I used to be by the window, where I could see the squirrels and they were merry. But then they switched from the Swingline to the Boston stapler, but I kept my Swingline. (he’s holding his red Swingline) (Camera pans to Peter) They have me staples for the Boston and I kept the staples from the Swingline stapler.

Peter: Ok, Milton.

Milton: And if, if they take my stapler, I will, I will set this building on fire.

Peter: Oh, that’s great. I will talk to you later.

Complete movie script


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