psyche out

My fantasy football draft was last night. My first.

Of course half my team is either on their way to jail or injured. I had no idea what I was doing. Thank god for my cheat sheet. Thanks TJ!

I now present the starting lineup for the 2004 Justin Timberlakes.

Brady, Tom QB NE 
McNabb, Donovan QB PHI
Alexander, Shaun RB SEA
Griffin, Quentin RB DEN
Lewis, Jamal RB BAL
Smith, Jimmy WR JAC
Smith, Rod WR DEN
Smith, Steve WR CAR
Gates, Antonio TE SD
Shockey, Jeremy TE NYG 
Akers, David K PHI
Nedney, Joe K TEN
Panthers, D D CAR
Seahawks, D D SEA
Buccaneers, ST ST TB
Dolphins, ST ST MIA
Robinson, Marcus WR MIN  

See everyone else went with tough-sounding names meant to intimidate the other players. I’m going for the “make everyone as uncomfortable as possible” psyche out.  

UPDATE: Vinod wanted his teams image up here.

 The groin injuries.



  1. As girlfriend of the owner of the Justin Timberlakes, I would like to take Mr. Tom Brady out for dinner as part of the welcome wagon.

    excellent choice!

  2. Fred Taylor’s Groin is Fine! Ian

    Gotham Gators – Kent

    Groin Injuries – Vinod

    He Hate Me – Chang

    Justin Timberlakes – Corey

    Kozmonauts – We’ll Be Right Over – Wali

    Slices – Vic

    Stallions – Jesse

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