marathon crazy man

When I saw the crazy leprechaun guy disrupt the men’s marathon I immediately recognized him as the same guy who ran on track at Silverstone last year.

During that F1 race, the producers of the TV program were cautious to not go too deeply into the guy, they showed the clip a few times, but didn’t announce his name or cause or anything.

Contrast that to NBC’s coverage. They showed the clip a hundred times, said the guys name over and over, tried to read his sign, read the text of his sign from last year.

Isn’t that exactly why people do stuff like this in the first place?

Now I guess NBC’s biggest goal was trying to determine that the guy wasn’t a “terrorist”, but just an ordinary-average mentally deranged man. [sarcasm] It seemed their “proof” was that he was promoting the bible, you know the Christian one, therefore, not-a-terrorist. [/sarcasm]


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