they pronounce it torano

Visited my brother Kevin and his wife Julia in Toronto this weekend and stayed in their newly purchased house.

We got the full tour of the town. We went up the CN tower. Of course Hollie felt the need to call out to all within earshot that it probably wouldn’t be the “largest free-standing structure” if not for the extra-long antennae at the top. The unequivocal highlight was the glass floor, which apparently they only added ten years ago so it was new to all of us. Very strange sensation to walk out over Plexiglas with something like 1000 feet between you and the ground.

As we drove through the various neighbourhoods, business districts etc, we felt compelled to constantly compare it to what city (mostly in the US) that it looked or felt like. Overall, I’m going with Chicago as the city most closely resembling Toronto.

Kevin has a fixer-upper on his hands. As the renter of an Manhattan apartment I really miss out on trips to Home Depot and certainly am not going to get to swing a sledge hammer any time soon. Do any other city folk miss home improvement and what not?



  1. Hey, i was just keeping it real for all those in the elevator… the actual tower part IS only 2/3 of the way up… the rest is just that needle.

    kevin, i guess you found the culprit of the bird’s gruesome death. perhaps it wasn’t old age after all!

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