knee-jerk contrarian game

Here’s a fun game… First, look up the most popular and critically-acclaimed books, movies, and music on Amazon. Click on “Customer Reviews,” and sort them by “Lowest Rating First.” Hilarity ensues! It’s the Knee-Jerk Contrarian Game!

The Wizard of Oz – “For one thing, I don’t like to watch things with witches in them, especially if one of them is portrayed as a ‘good witch’ – that’s an oxymoron I can’t reconcile with.”

The Shawshank Redemption – “And finally … what kind of ending is it where two dudes are together on a beach.”

Psycho (original) – “This film is so boring and in the shower scene it was obviously Bates the wig even from shadow was awful. SEE THE REMAKE FAR MORE ENTERTAINING!” or “This has got to be the worst movie ever. A plot about a guy that keeps his dead mother’s body around and kills people in the shower. Lame”

Simpsons: The Complete First Season – “What is this!?!?! Homer Simpson acts like Yoge Bear!!!! The animation has to be the worst animation I have ever seen!!!!! Come on!!!!”

Beatles, Abbey Road – “I bought this album because I totally thought the guy on the right was Kate Hudson’s husband.”

And one final gushing review that probably doesn’t deserve it: “This book was one of the most interesting books i’ve read in my life.” — Come and Knock on Our Door: A Her’s and Her’s and His Guide to the TV show Three’s Company.

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