michael jordan sucked at baseball

This is what happens when people repeatedly tell you how great you are… (you start to believe them).

Last night Hollie and I went to see Matthew Dear perform at Joe’s Pub. Going in I had been a huge fan of his work. Get a sample of his tune called Dog Days here.   The guy has a gift for creating intricate, beautiful techno/minimal songs.

So what does he do? Comes out and sings. One song even featured him with one of those Richey Sambora, circa 1987 plastic backed guitars. Quote “I’m not even making that much electronic music anymore”. Granted some of the backing music might have been ok, but it was totally lost.

Now I can understand being a performer is much more satisfying and much better for picking up women if you are able to stand out on stage with a mike, lift up your shirt, writhe around seductively than the previous time I saw him on stage with a bunch of laptops and knobs that looked remarkably like he was up there checking email. Of course the laptop event was fantastic and memorable. 

The crowd was primed to start dancing. One girl could barely contain herself and was dancing furiously for the warm up acts. Matthew was unable to get anyone to budge from their “what is going on here” disbelief poses. I even heard a “man, that sucked” as it was wrapped up.

I was so disappointed.



  1. Note that today when i was looking him up online, the ads for the performance at Joe’s Pub state "Matthew Dear’s NYC vocal debut"

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