nightswimming in the South China Sea

Last week our team was invited out on a yacht owned by the MegaCorp that owns the software company we are out here to visit. Apparently the boat was built in 1957 and is one of only four left in the world. Good times had by all continued through cocktails and dinner.

The chairman had mentioned when we arrived that we should have brought our bathing suits for waterskiing and swimming and prodded me again at dinner on going swimming. At this point I’m seriously considering the logistics and the career damage potential. Then he throws in a “I’ll go if you go”. At this point I’m sold but am trying to figure out how to get him to make it seem like I’m less eager than I really am. When my VP comes to the rescue with a follow-up “I’ll go if you go”. Hosanna.

A quick are-you-sure’s exchanged and we drop trough and leap into the blackness. Now I’m not one to go into natural bodies of water due to my cold-water-tolerance being incredibly low, but uncharacteristically believed our host’s claims of “bathwater” like temps. Swam around the boat three times, hung out shark-bait style for a while and climbed back aboard.

We then were able to educate the Chinese on the meaning of “commando.” China, you’re welcome.



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