I really really don’t like web ads. Fortunately I haven’t seen one in almost a year (almost). I use a program called Admuncher. It blocks all web ads including inline and popups.

A regular banner ad gets replaced by a simple [munched] text link.

It costs $25 but has saved me from viewing 162,555 ads and 1.269 Gigabytes of bandwidth.

It is fast, lightweight and stays out of the way. Recommended.



  1. How in hell do you know how many ads it’s saved you from viewing?.. it tells you?… or are you getting paid to advertise for this crap?

  2. Just to clarify… one of my customer’s employees, who like you, thinks he knows it all when he don’t don’t zip and can’t count change back from a buck without a calculator cuz he don’t know how to think, installed your wonderful "admuncher" on a company computer (which he had no business doing, but like all kids today… he "knows it all", even though he don’t know how to think like all kids today) and crashed the system… IT WON"T EVEN BOOT UP NOW… thanks to admuncher… so beware peoples… !

    PS after 35 years in the computer world, hardware/software/programming… I think I know what I’m talking about… and yes.. I said "think"… I CAN count change back from a buck without a calculator… and I don’t know it all… but I’m not a punk kid neither.. I outgrew that stage 40 years ago

  3. I really don’t have to address this, but no, I don’t get paid to use admuncher and yes it does tell you exactly how many ads it has blocked and how much bandwidth would have been used. I’ve been using it for 18 months at least on many different workstations with zero problems.

  4. It really is the best of it’s kind

    and no I am not getting paid to say it

    if some dum sucker will ask me a crappy

    question about it

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