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There is rampant speculation as to who is the person behind this blog penned by the pseudonyms Rance and/or Captainhoof. Best guesses include Jim Carrey and Owen Wilson.

Choice excerpt:

I Can Do No Wrong, And That’s Not Right
Take this Meeting:
Me: I’ve got this idea for a movie. You’ve got this guy, a robber. He and the First Lady fall in love at first sight when he’s holding up the branch in DC where she banks, and they go on the lam together, like “The Fugitive.” Nathan Lane is the guy. JEssica Simpson plays the First Lady.
Associate #1: It’s great!
Associate #2: Just like all of your ideas!
Associate #3: You’re like God, except you have better ideas!


What’s your guess?




  1. I think Owen Wilson, though not sure if that’s b/c you put the idea in my head. Ben Stiller perhaps? Does Jim carrey really produce/ write like owen?

  2. There’s lots of speculation among Cusack and Vin Diesel fans that it is one of them.

    There’s also a chick who’s got a blog in response to Rance’s blog

    The story is that she’s in the know as to who Rance REALLY is and that he’ll no longer post her comments because she knows and comments a little too close to home….no idea if that’s true or not.

    Interesting though people have tried to see if Rance would comment on that blog on his blog by posing comments (make sense?)….anyway Rance won’t post a comment on his blog w/ the info on the sass blog. Some of Rance’s readers have gotten word and are over there now too….

    My money’s on Cusack but a lot of those chicks (babygirl, shorty, etc.) think it’s Vin.


  3. maybe i’m the only one who feels this way…but i kind of like not knowing. it’ll be kind of sad when he finally does get outed. it’s kind of cool that you can cast the role, so to speak, with anybody you want.

    somebody else said clooney, and i found myself enjoying reading the text with clooney’s voice in my head; however it could just as easily be any other unmarried hollywood celeb.

    or it could all be a work of fiction. it’s been done before, as i’m sure you realize.

  4. I do feel a Jim Carrey Element to all this. He has done some unusual things in the past. It’s also known that when he submerses himself into character, his co-stars have a hard time of getting through to "Jim". Everybody remembers the Andy Kaufman role he melded into. Well the fact that Jim can be whoever he wants (in his own head) and can believe it is of no surprise to me. Another fact I’d like to add is that Jim has recently been working on the movie: "Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events." The Author of the book the movie is based on is not the true author of the books. Lemony Snicket is a Pseudonym for a writer named Daniel Handler. If you look up Mr. Handlers books in his proper pen name you will see a major contrast of writing styles. Therefore lending to the idea that someone can throw off anyone and keep them guessing, merely by being someone else, but still in reality being the same person. Sounds like character acting doesn’t it? I know a popular character actor as well read as Jim carrey is perfectly capable of pulling off an Andy Kaufman type stunt, such as this.

    D.B. Cooper

  5. And no, you won’t be able to easily track down his telephone number online. The latest leads on his whereabouts are outdated. Mr. "Captain Hoof" flew the coop last Summer from his last known employer. Now, he freelances.

  6. Mark Burnett is too well known of a name. This individual is only known in certain Hollywood circles.

  7. all i have read is the yahoo news story about this whole dude. Is it a dude? i haven’t been able to find the actual blog- does anyone know where i can view all of it?

    the yahoo news story mentioned that this person knows what it’s like to be on the cover of those magazines-is that a lie? or does this person walk that fine line between famous and anonymous?


  8. I don’t really care who he/she is. If they truly are "A" List talent, I have a serious question which I expect would only be answered anonomously.

    I’ve been a "little guy" in the biz for 25 years, a member of IA#52 for 20, with some heavy credits of my own, albeit without the megabucks enjoyed by the "Big Guys".

    So I’m revamping my blog tonight, but the question will be there tomorrow night. It’s just a click away Rance, stop on by. I’d love to hear your answer.


  9. Yes. The one and only. Spoke with the employer. He no longer works there…and moved away from the area. Try SoCal.

  10. Shit! A copywriter? Big fucking deal! Don’t know where you get your info moonlitsun, but I hope you’re wrong. On the other hand, maybe he know’s what’s up with the possible WGA strike. That would put a serious hurt on an already ailing industry, (well, here in the good ole USA, anyway).

    Okay, since you folks are so into this, the question I have to ask deals with something we call "Runaway Production", the "off-shoreing" of American films released in the US but made else-where by American Film Companies.

    What’s that got to do with "Rance"?

    Shit, this industry is "Star Driven", they call all the shots, and it’s time they started calling them right!

    A good example of this is Bruce Willis making a stupid comment on a late night talk show about how the average American can’t afford to take his family to the movies anymore because guys like me make too much money! Hey, Bruce, it’s not your 25 mil a picture then, <i>it’s me!</i> Oh. Now I finally understand! 3 months "work" for 25 mil, not bad brother, not bad. Who’s bullshitting who here, Mo?


  11. Okay, i’m an addict. When is the blog coming back online? Thanks a lot, Yahoo!

    What does a copywriter do anyway? Is that the person who makes up the catchy lines for advertisements?

  12. I don’t think it is Afeleck, he was in Vegas this past week for the World Series of Poker. Plus, he is a smoker, If you read the earlier entries in the blog, you’ll see the person stated they were on a non-smoking floor and their neighbor’s were smoking like crazy.

    For some reason, I can’t help but think of Vince Vaughn. I don’t care if I am wrong, the blog is a great read!

  13. It all points to George Clooney. Witticisms, mannerisms, literary angst. The man talked about the papparazzi like he’s addressing the state of the union after Princess Diana’s death. His father is running for Governor in Kentucky. A course as to why he’d blog his "a day in a life of…", perhaps.

  14. I read his blog, I think that, I think I have no clue who he is…

    wait we have a few clues.

    He has been in the biz for 25 years, did a coke commercial in 1985 (I think that is what he said)…. we have to think older not younger.

  15. One thing I just noticed on his latest blog entry (today), he is currently in England right now, given the time stamp of BST which means British Summer Time. I didn’t look through the many others but I didn’t notice any that said BST. Interesting.

  16. At first I thought Matt Damon but now I think it is someone associated with Survivor. Jeff Probst hosted Live with Regis and Kelly yesterday and mentioned that the new location is a place where there are still cannibals. Rance wrote in that he was on a ship whaling and that where he is there are cannibals. Co-incidence? Also Rance is gone for a few months. Has Survivor started filming?

  17. Cusack, Clooney or Carrey? Hmm… Whale-hunting? Captain Ahab? Spooks? Worships "horses" via privacy violations…Interesting…will get name…

  18. I’ve decided I don’t care – this is too much terrific fun! And I hope it will last forever . . . If Rance is some guy in Wisconsin or Carrey or Cusack or Matthew Perry – whatever! Don’t tell me because I am livin’ the fantasy just enjoying it all.

  19. Rance/"Administrative Staff": Are you DENIS MILLER???? China or the Hamptons this weekend? I said "China" last night. You said "the spy who came in from the cold"….how sweet, Denis. Say "hi" to Dave for me in NYC.

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