tom cruise, just cruise


My friend Jeremy made this:

JUST CRUISE – Tom Cruise Running as Nike Commercial

There’s a trend in Tom Cruise movies, he runs, over and over again. After studying his filmography, we compiled this Tomontage as a mock Cruise version of the latest Nike commercial. Whether you want to BE LIKE TOM or DON’T LIKE TOM is your choice. Depending on your view, watching the Cruiser run through many acclaimed Bruckheimer and Spielberg titles may inspire you as much as the original Nike Awake commercial to jump out of bed, grab your Nike Air Max 360 trainers and run all over Teegeeack. Or, you may think: Tom Cruise runs alot, often with a pained look on his face, and we’ve watched too many Cruise films lately.

Watch and review this video on youtube or on ifilm and look for the upcoming “Tomarathon” exercise video – 26 minutes of Tom running – can you make it to finish line? Go Cole!

Contact us directly for more information, to share your comments, feedback or favorite Tom scenes: We’ll roll out an improved site shortly, with non-Tom related material, so check back soon. Curiousfury, a cure for common content.


rubens barrichello on flickr?


Originally uploaded by Barrichello.

I subscribe to the tag “F1” on flickr and noticed that a set of Honda images came through with the name Barrichello on them.

When I clicked on the link it took me his profile where it states the full name “Rubens Barrichello” and “I’m Male, 33 and Taken.”

Rubens Barrichello is a Formula One driver, who is 33 and married.

I wonder if this is really his own flickr feed. There about twenty pics up there now, all from a recent shoot with Ruben’s new team, Honda. Perhaps his marketing team set up the flickr feed? Either way it is kindof cool.


el gato

I am infatuated with the bodega “el gato” cats. My choice of delis is wide and I go with ones with cats when possible.

And I happen to be working from the lobby of the Algonquin hotel near Times Square and they have a super-premium hotel gato. I only have my camera phone camera handy and the light is too low to get a good pic, but picture a fluffy regal looking beast.

It hangs out on the marble check-in counter or on a luggage cart and has a little Japanese style nook near the entry way with its main bed/home base.


hamachi bomb

HamachiI mentioned it once before as part of a different post, but didn’t do the review justice.

Hamachi is a new VPN product/service that creates and manages VPNs end to end. You can have separate networks for different groups of computers. It handles NAT to NAT situations which is a killer feature. Normally if you have two ends of a VPN at least one of them has to have a non-NAT IP, but not with this.

I’m also using it as a remote support tool. On all the family computers I support, I’m installing it and configuring remote desktop for just the hamachi virtual network adapter. That way I can get secure access to those machines when I need to get fix something. 

Now of course I have this post in draft mode and they had some problems with the directory servers this morning, but since this is still in alpha-beta mode and I think it totally rocks I’m willing to give them a break and chalk it up to growing pains.

I recommend setting the “block new members by default” to on. I also keep all my connections on my side blocked until I need to use them. And like I alluded to before you can control the firewall on the hamachi network pretty well using Windows XP’s SP2 firewall.