jumbo on jumbo

ShuttleSuch a strange sight. So unnatural looking.

Can you imagine that first meeting? “Well, we can take off in Florida and land in California. How do we get it back to FL? Hows about we strap it to the top of a 747?”

This comes from Slate’s explainer explaining how it is all done. I like this fact: “Due to the piggybacked plane’s lousy aerodynamics and sizeable weight, the SCA’s fuel efficiency is significantly less than that of a commercial airliner. As a result, an SCA can’t fly more than 1000 nautical miles without refueling. The trip back will take up to 12 hours of flight time spread over two or three days.”

Many more pics of the shuttle making insect love to a jumbo jet are here:  SCA Ferry Photo Collection Medium Resolution Contact Sheet



Freaky Styley

FreakyRed Hot Chili Peppers – Freaky Styley (1985)

1  Jungle Man …  4:09  
2  Hollywood …  5:03  
3  American Ghost Dance   …  3:44  
4  If You Want Me to Stay  4:07  
5  Nevermind  2:48  
6  Freaky Styley  z …  3:39  
7  Blackeyed Blonde  …  2:40  
8  The Brothers Cup  …  3:27  
9  Battle Ship  …  1:53  
10  Lovin’ and Touchin’  …  :36  
11  Catholic School Girls Rule …   1:55  
12  Sex Rap …   1:54  
13   Thirty Dirty Birds  …  :14  
14  Yertle the Turtle   …  3:38 

One of my favorite albums is twenty years old. I admit that on my Friendster profile I put Uplift Mofo Party Plan as a favorite, but really this is *the* album, but the title isn’t as cool. I read on AllMusic that George Clinton produced the album, which means that the group didn’t really rip off Clinton directly, but rather took the man’s direction specifically. I totally agree with the blurb author’s assertion that this is the album that Clinton could never make on his own.


media center theme


Back in the day, I used to somewhat into customization of my desktop environment. But after the umpteenth new PC build, I tend to stick with a relative few changes to suit my style.

I stay with the the XP “Luna” theme and go blue for home, silver for work, olive for the laptop, and classic XP for almost all VMs and remote desktops. This makes it pretty easy to tell where I am without doing any time-wasting thinking.

Anyway, I was working on my dad’s new dual core Pentium D Gateway machine this weekend and it had this slightly cooler blue theme and I figured it was a Gateway thing, but turns out it comes with Media Center XP.

Then I ran across this Ask MetaFilter post where someone asks about it and you can download it along with some silly images in a special New Zealand XP pack direct from MS.


halloween comes early


Another “Corey standing in to test the lighting” outtake. Magazines are working on fall issues now, which I find strange. This was for a Halloween related article — shot in a basement apartment in Brooklyn.