Gave and got for Birthmas


1) Gave (to Emily): Brompton M3L folding bike. Part of the actual gift many times is the research involved with picking the gift as much as the thing itself. Such was the case with folding bikes. If you’re in the market for one, don’t hesitate to ask, because now I know.

I ended up with the Brompton because it met the following criteria: a) It folds up the smallest of any bike around b) it has an internal gear change mechanism, meaning there’s no external derailer to get tangled or broken. c) it can carry cargo. The Strida is wicked cool, but you really can’t carry much gear on the bike itself and Emily needs to cart photo equipment around. d) It is British and they make cool stuff e) it rode the best of any of the bikes that I tested f) Sturdy enough to ride on New York’s pockmarked streets. g) Should last a long time.


2) Got (xmas): Foodsaver Advanced Design V2840 Kit. I’ve been asking for this every year since, according to my mom, high school.

If you’ve ever had the joy of using the Space Bags for your winter clothes or what have you, this is like that, but for food. It is hard to explain the appeal, but it is undeniable. So far we’ve vacuum sealed cheese, fancy fresh gnocchi, true cinnamon (did you know that 99% of what you get in America is a related spice called Cassia), and whatever else we could find in the cupboard. Next up, a trip to BJs where we’ll make questionable value based purchases and vacuum seal everything. I knew I was in some trouble when it came with a DVD and suddenly the accessories that I absolutely must have became known to me.


3) Got (for birthday – Dec26): Xootr Mg. This was a surprise gift and really I think the only way to get a scooter. Since it was unprompted, I’m spared the “am I scooter riding type person” dilemma and am free to scoot all over town chest held high.

So far, I’m totally digging it. I’m exploring the new neighborhood by my office with speed and flexibility that you really only get from something like a scooter. I’m able to be more strategic when it comes to taking the express subway and scooting the rest of the way.

Also got Yaktrax Pro – snow chains for running shoes, a Nathan Quickdraw Plus Water Bottle, and some other things that are equally great, but less blog-interesting.


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