bloggingheads tv in less time

playspeedOne of my favorite books is NonZero: The logic of human destiny by Robert Wright. I catch his editorials whenever I can and a few weeks into it I stumbled on BloggingHeads.TV. Robert does a splitscreen video with Mickey Kaus and they discuss the issues of the day. They strike a good balance of being on different sides of particular issues, but since they are friends and have to do this over and over, are mutually respectful and try debate with genuine (intellectual) authenticity.

They do these in about 30 minutes, but if you select the Podcast/Download link on the bottom left that looks like this: Video: bhTV01036BM-300.wmv (72.09 MB) and let the video download completely (the progress bar will creep along ahead of the play indicater thing) you can use Windows Media Player to speed up the video — it does it intelligently and lowers the pitch, so it sounds like normal speech and not chipmonk-like. I find that I can listen very comfortably at 1.4 X speed.


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