aspen not aspeny enough

Aspen (right), which last week got a ton of just-opened buzz actually opens tonight.

That’s funny. Emily and I went last night.

There was brown paper up in the windows and no visible address, but we did the old “this must be it” and just walked in. Bars are funny like that; trying to be hard to find to make you feel special. There weren’t all that many people there and everyone seemed to already know each other, but whatever, we were determined.

The place was split between the front bar part you see in the picture here and a restaurant in back. This was clearly a bar before they moved in, and I don’t think they went quite far enough with the decor. I didn’t at all feel like I was in Aspen. The glass deer heads and wood paneling were cool enough and I guess they can fool the average customer who hasn’t been out west ever. The restaurant in back was while elm themed and I quite liked the vibe back there. 

We sat down and ordered our drinks, but the bartender didn’t ask for money. We had stumbled into a (semi) private opening type party without knowing it. After we finished up the cocktails, being the moral people we are, waved the bartender and asked what the charge was. He leaned over and said “aren’t these guys with you?” to the manager/owner, I guess she said no because we got the bill, paid it and left.  


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