reverse vacation productivity

You know how the days leading up to a vacation can be the most productive times since you are making effective authoritative decisions to get things wrapped up before you leave?

Well, I’m learning there is a polar effect when you know you’ll have some spare time ahead of you. The lady-friend is going to Wisconsin for the weekend and I am planning on getting all this work done then, but these days leading up to it I’m finding items falling in to the “I’ll get to it later” category.

I suppose the thing to do is pretend that I’m going too and try to trick myself.


snl cellar bar

Is the intro to Saturday Night Live filmed at the Cellar Bar, in the Bryant Park hotel, aka “Corsets”?


a million dollars five cents at a time

My bottle of beer at dinner had the familiar five cent deposit markings. I thought, you know, I haven’t even thought about taking cans or bottles in to get the deposit in years. The last time I remember doing it was in Boston. Furthermore, I don’t even know of a place to take them back in NYC.

It seems that New Yorkers are willing to accede that market to the homeless and the determined elderly and not even try to recoup their nickels.