pocketfull of tokens

This weekend, in Chattanooga Tennessee, I visited Chucky Cheese’s as an adult. A young Corey had always said to himself “man, when I grow up, I’m coming back here with $40 playing everything here as much as I want”. I’m happy to report that, now, a couple of months before my thirtieth birthday, I am mostly grown up and I was able to play everything I wanted and for only $10.

SkeeballTicketmachineI don’t remember this being the case as a kid, but they didn’t have any video games with any kind of shooting or fighting, which leaves surprisingly few options left. You could be a mock firefighter and put out pretend fires, but not rescue a princess anywhere.

I played lots of Skee-ball, but I quickly moved on to ascertain which games had the highest ticket / token ratios.

We amassed 172 tickets which were counted by this new, really well designed ticket-counting machine. It prints out a receipt and you take that to redeem your tootsie-roll bank or clock radio, or plastic slinkee as in my case.


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