Northern State photos

NSlayoutThe Emily Wilson Experience presents a visual recap of the Northern State show at South Street Seaport. Click image for the full size.

Add NY summer evening heat, a faint fish market odor and rocking hiphop to your sensory cortex while viewing and you’ll get the whole event feel.

Clockwise from top left: Corey & Hesta • Sprout and Spero • set list • import Nike • on stage • glamour 

Amazing how busy the Seaport is and I don’t know anyone that ever goes there outside of some event like this.




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  1. I go there whenever I have guests in from out of town. You can see the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge and check those two off without going through the trouble of really going there.

    Also the TKTS booth down there is money. It hardly has a line compared to the ridiculous situation in Times Square.

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