Bag_mainMy sister forwarded me this solar backback with a “Worthy of citing on your blog”. The thing that makes it post-worthy is that they seem to have loads and loads of adapters for all kinds of cell phones & gadgets which signals that these kinds of things are really starting to crack into the meat of the bell curve and aren’t just for uber HUD-eyeglasses wearing geek types.

Engadget also had a writeup on solar lockers (looks like a dog-house) for electric bikes and whatnot. Gizmodo has the new Yamaha “Cheap Electric Motorcycle” to fit inside presumably.

Personally, I’d like to see some more innovation on standardizing adapters, batteries and chargers. My overpriced airline power adapter has like 15 laptop adapters that I carry with me and when I assured my Mac carrying airplane seat neighbor that they could borrow my power adapter, I was presuming too much — I didn’t have a powerbook model in the bunch.


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