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Since my last post on celebrity blogs was my second most popular post ever I figured this couldn’t hurt traffic either.

Zach Braff, you know the guy from Scrubs and impressively wrote, directed and starred in Garden State has a blog.

I had always wanted to see Garden State, but not enough apparently since I missed it, but now I even looked up to see when the DVD is going to be released (Dec 28) and was reminded that Natalie Portman is in it. Side note: old Natalie has developed quite an underground following among us men. We’ve been talking about seeing Closer, a movie I wouldn’t normally be dragged to, just because of some rumored strip tease/pole dance involved. The power of blogging. Seth, Scoble, Hugh, wouldn’t it be swell if all movies had a blog for the runup to release, preferably by one of the primary actors or director?

Via Waxy who pointed to this funny anecdote about Zach calling a movie reviewer on her cell phone. Check out 692 comments!

Funny too while reading I kept thinking “man, it sounds just like him, but almost too much like his character on TV and therefore some ghost writer is writing this to sound like him.” But he addresses this in a previous post

Again I want to thank you all for all the amazingly nice comments you have posted on this site. I do read them all even though it’s frustrating that few of you seem to believe me. Let’s try a little game: let’s see if we can make it through one exchange of posts and comments without one person writing (even as a joke) “I know you’re not reading this but…”



  1. Underground when it comes to proclaiming enduring love in public. Obviously everyone knows who she is, but it hasn’t traditionally been cool to talk about how hot she is publicly.

  2. another good bit from zach’s blog.

    Thank you all so much for calling (916) Call Turk. I spoke to many people. One guy even had me propose to his girlfriend for him in character. I hope I worded the proposal right to her, or I might technically be engaged right now. The funny thing is, she was like, "OH MY GOD!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! … anyway, what’s going on with you and Elliot on the show? Are you guys gonna be dating again?"

  3. uh…. nate almost quit grad school and moved back to boston when she started attending harvard, natalie portman lovers are hardly quiet about it

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