Retro tech Sunday.

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my neighbors

The guy from the Spin Doctors. (Chris Barron) Seen twice now. You can tell it was him because a) he was with a woman way hotter than a guy that looks like this would normally score b) he was wearing a silk ascot/scarf thing.


Comedian Judy Gold. She lives directly across from my building.



there will always be a better technology right around the corner.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I broke down.

I bought an iPod.

It doesn’t do all the stuff I want, and doesn’t support all the formats I want and there are better ones coming out “just around the corner”, and I really don’t like giving money to Apple, but it doesn’t matter anymore cause I own it.


is bush wired?

I almost posted this a while back, but it seems to be gaining some degree of respectability so here goes..

Is Bush Wired?

This site is a clearinghouse for discussion of whether President Bush uses an earpiece through which he’s fed lines and cues by offstage advisers.

The post where I discovered this idea was talking about the presidential debate when Bush said something like “now, let me finish” when nobody had interrupted him, no lights had gone one, etc.

Now the geek set is aflutter with the idea of tapping into the communication link and making bush say ridiculous things. It does tickle the imagination.


cheney edwards

I watched this one also. The most striking thing about it to me was how much Cheney reinforced the quote (snl) about Bush “the man cannot speak.”

My favorite moment was the same-sex marriage constitutional amendment bit and Edwards complete disarmament of Cheney talking about his family. I wonder what the poll results would have been immediately before that section. The whole dynamic changed.


hello my name is corey

Seth Godin points to HELLO, my name is Scott.

Basically, this guy Scott has been wearing a nametag every single day for 1434 days (as of today).

He says that it has fundamentally changed his life. As well as parlaying the whole thing into speaking engagements, books and tapes about how to create “front porches” in your life and work.

It is interesting because I have a bad reputation for being the opposite of Scott. I tend not to introduce myself unnecessarily and have been known to present an air of relative un-welcomeness to other people around the office. This week I have boxes stacked up around my desk as a barrier of sorts. Of course I don’t mean to do this, but some combination of personality and circumstance created this. Perhaps some variation on the name-tag meme would work for me.

Actually now that I’m thinking about it, I really don’t want people coming up to me while I’m at my desk. I generally wear headphones — sometimes even just listening to minimalist techno, basically white-noise. However, my online personality is quite the opposite. I try to be logged into instant messenger (msn) whenever I am at a computer, any computer. Any time I get up and go to the kitchen I mark myself as “be right back” and welcome IMs at any time really.

I need a “HELLO, my name is Corey, but please Instant Message me if you want to talk” sticker.



the real reason blogs were invented

Go Fug Yourself – devoted to “fugly” pictures of celebrities followed by some caustic text.

What girl doesn’t dream of a marrying a David Silver lookalike who actually purchases — and wears! In public! — a trucker cap that reads “Rock Out With Your Cock Out”?

I think I speak for all of humanity when I beg you, Kevin, to put the cock away.

Yes, that’s Mr. Britney Spears.


debate winna

I was able to overcome my paralyzing fondo* to watch the debates. Fortunately other online votes agree with me for once.

* fondo is a term my friend Girisha coined to mean “that extreme un-comfort while watching awkward moments, particularly on TV”