planet dan

Planet Dan is the man behind the senior photos posted earlier today. I found a couple more gems via his RSS feed.

Quoted directly:

  • Get ready to want to barf: Praying for peace.
  • Turns out this ad for KY Jelly is not real. But Johnson & Johnson should hire whomever fabricated it, because I think it gets the point across quite nicely. Photo link [sfw]
  • E-mail Addresses It Would Be Really Annoying to Give Out Over the Phone.
  • So maybe the dour economic and employment statistics we’ve been seeing for the last few years are due to all these full-time eBayers? Perhaps we haven’t lost any manufacturing jobs at all? You see, they all must just be making their living off of eBay, where the government can’t see them? At least, that’s what the vice president would like you to believe.

Planet Dan


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