Two explosive related links:

1) WeBlowItUp.com

You’d think that one of the few small pleasures of destroying some gadget that’s been driving you crazy would be doing it yourself. But if you can’t be bothered, a company called WeBlowITup.com (get it?) says that for the princely sum of about a hundred bucks they’ll use explosives to blow up your cellphone, laptop, or “small appliance” for you, and then send you a video commemorating its destruction.
P.S. – Make sure to watch the sample video that’s on there. It’s as porno as non-porno gets.
[via Engadget]

2) Explosive sink and toilet plunger

I went to Home Depot over the weekend to buy two dollar’s worth of hardware … and walked out with over $100 worth of stuff, of course. My prime pruchase was something called a KleerDrain instant drain opener, which combines the fun of explosives with the satisfaction of unclogging a sink.
I was a little wary of spending $30 on this gadget, which looks like a cross-between a plunger and a pogo stick. But Home Depot had one of those videos running next to the set-up, which showed clogged sink after clogged sink giving up its precious bolus of greasy hair to the explosive force of a CO2 cartridge unleashing its entire payload at once. Watching the guy on the demo using the device, with its rifle-like kickback and puff of condensed carbon dioxide gas, mesmerized me. The next thing I knew, I was racing home with my new KleerDrain.
I could hardly wait to use it on a slow-draining sink in the bathroom. I duct taped the overflow drain on the sink, and inserted a CO2 cartridge into the Kleer Drain. I screwed on the rubber cone and then pressed it into the drain opening.
WHAM! A shower of gray grime flew out of somewhere and splashed against the walls, mirror and ceiling. I wiped the junk off my face and turned on the faucet. The water whooshed down the drain, ending with a nice sucking sound, like it was wishing there were more water it could dispose of.
I think I’m in love. Time to stock up on more CO2 cartridges.
[via Boing Boing]


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