ignore everybody

Two posts from people I greatly admire on the same topic:

Seth Godin – “When I think about every successful project (whether it’s a book or a business or a website) the people I trust have always given me exceedingly bad advice. And more often than not, that advice is about being conservative. Or it involves focusing on things that will require a lot of work, rather than things that will make it remarkable.”

“The incentive plan here is pretty clear. If someone dissuades you from trying, you can hardly blame them for the failure that doesn’t happen, right? If, on the other hand, they egg you on and you crash, that really puts a crimp in the relationship…”

Gaping Void – “Good ideas alter the power balance in relationships, that is why good ideas are always initially resisted […] Good ideas come with a heavy burden. Which is why so few people have them. So few people can handle it.”


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