rush sucks

Rush photoshops Kerry Edwards left, adds “This says it All” title, original undoctored right. Why is it that he gets away with this stuff and if a liberal commentator tried the same move they’d be attacked mercilessly?

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My EPH brain cells are firing.



  1. because Rush is a liar. What’s even more pathetic is that so many people listen to him and believe that every lie and leap-of-logic that spews forth is truth. Rush is some sort of a demi-god to the ignorant and intellectually lazy.

    One would get more truth from a pile of roadkill than one could get from the whole right-wing gang of Rush, Hannity, O’Reiley, Savage, ad nauseum.

  2. I can’t stand this guy–Rush Fatball. How can a guy go on and on with his republican propaganda and have some mant listeners entranced in what he says. I thought his show was a political news show but it is so slanted that it hard to believe all that he says. How can republicans be such saints -all the time- and democrats be so stupid(his words)- all the time???

    i agree with the caption along with the picture–Why is it that he gets away with this stuff and if a liberal commentator tried the same move they’d be attacked mercilessly?– He wouls kill democrats on the radio if this was on teh other foot.


  3. Actually Rush the Canadian Progressive rock band has got to be the most irritation crap i’ve ever heard.
    Their first Album was straight out hard rock containing songs such as Working Man and Finding my Way.
    I find this stuff much less offensive than what was to come later. There style than evolved or I should say mutated into a nausea inducing spiritual crap like Fly by Night or Closer to the Heart. Unlike Zepelin this bands attempt to get a medieval Tolkien sound ended up sounding like total bubble gum kitch.

    If that wasn’t bad enoght the lead singer who looks like a transgender witch ended up getting a Mullet in the eighties. He must be one of worst vocalists of all time with his trademark Yi-Ho -Yi.

    They breifly tried to use synthisisers and give their crap music an updated new wave sound. In there Moving Pictures. They came up with boring irritating long songs like Tom Soyer that contain contain completely irrelavent stupid lyrics.

  4. u know what all you people can bite my ball sack cause the band rush RULES
    ok and u people wouldn’t know music if it bite u in the ass

  5. OK,

    Here is the deal….

    First for the jackass that says next we will burning books, what the hell are you talking about?….I would get on a soapbox and destroy you, but you would be too stupid to understand..

    And for the record, the band Rush totally sucks ass, you could hear less whining at a feminazi convention..

  6. Rush neither sucks ass nor is the greatest band of all time…..well, actually they probably are the greatest ensemble of musicians ever, so when you add up their seniority(18 studio albums, biggest seller of Gold albums behind KISS, who blow, and probably some other faggots) and how proficient each player is at his instrument, plus their song arrangements….you have a pretty solid band, a trio, none the less. You see bands nowadays with 5 members who don’t even come close to making all the sounds and arrangements as Rush has.. Shit, Slipknot and Mushroomhead are both terrible, with like 18 fucking people in each band. Rush has not produced much crap, Test For Echo was about it, and that still had like four good songs on it, and Counterparts was sub par, but everything else is better than practically anything you’ll hear on radio nowadays. Sure some people can’t stand Lee’s high-pitch vocals, but it comes with the whole Rush package, it just adds to their uniqueness…To say that Rush “totally sucks ass”…well, you just have no taste for good music

  7. rush fuckin rules. look at all the awards they got. todays music doesnt even compare to true rock like rush. emo fags

  8. You ignorant liberal idiots (especially the ones who can’t seem to correctly spell words) can go jump off a cliff and swim to Europe (or better yet, drown on the way). Rush is one of the few who actually speaks the truth. The national media is full of liberals who definately have an agenda. As for Rush (the rock band)… They’re pretty darn good. Sure, they have some crap too, but what band doesn’t? Most of the stuff that’s popular today is a bunch of CRAP. Most of the rock bands today all try to have that same BORING, grungy sound. The lead singers’ voices sound like they’ve had sand paper rubbed in their throat. Good Lord! Who decided that combining rock with that pile of shit called “rap” was cool?!

  9. It will be a long time before fate has a group of musicians meet and form a band that has as much talent as RUSH. Each is a master of their insturment and their musical talents far exceed those of mortal men. In a nut shell those guys are freaks of nature. NO ONE CAN TOUCH THEM.

  10. Rush (band) doesn’t suck, they’re a little bit overrated but that is it.

    As for the ultraconservative radio show host, I don’t mind people with an opinion. I just don’t like people, democratic or republican, who condemn the thoughts of the other party. Saying things like “All Liberals Should Die!” just reflects ignorance and stupidity (just as much as a statement like “All Conservatives Should Die!”, although I have actually never heard anyone say that.) Making generalizations like that just get people angry, and it is obnoxious that people would think that an entire group of people should be condemned.

  11. Your the only idiot in the United States. The democrats get away with everything. Look at how many supported the Iraq war. Yet, they blame it as only a conservative problem. Ron Paul didn’t vote for it. It is a liberal war, just a democrats fight.

    War democrats: Wilson (WWI); FDR & Truman (WWII);Kennedy & LBJ (Vietnam)

    War republicans: Lincoln (Civil War) and Bush (Iraqi Civil War). That’s it.

  12. BAND RUSH RULES! CANADA BABY! Both Rush the band and Rush Limbau pwn all of you. ROFLCOPTER SOISOISOI!

  13. Rush is the best three man band to ever meet. With their musical talent combined with their complex time signatures, There’s no band that could touch Rush, You have Geddy Lee who plays Bass, Keyboard, AND SINGS, at the damn same time, Then you have Alex Lifeson who plays some of the most complex stuff Ive heard, And Neil Peart speaks for himself,,, To all those fags who have been bashing Rush, try to play one of their songs and see how tought it really is, I know that any musician will at least respect what they have accomplished.

  14. Rush shitball is the appitamy of what went wrong in America.
    His type of hate and foolishness got more than one idiot in the white house. I hope now it destroys the entire republican party.
    Also RUSH the band( moving pictures) must have a large group of idiots for fans. Come on read a little.
    David wong suck my dong. We were lied to remember. W M D S. Ties to terrorists. I am a Liberal and I trusted that fool Bush JR>

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