Here’s how to play a fantastic team quarters game


  1. Buy a large quantity of domestic beer
  2. Get a large table, clear out all the chairs
  3. Pick two teams of around four people each on opposite sides of the table(tournament style play is ok for more than two teams, but single-elimination is recommended)
  4. Place eight cups in line parallel to the teams in the middle of the table.
  5. Fill the cups with approx 1/3 of a beer can
  6. Put a large pitcher in the middle of the line of cups
  7. Fill the pitcher with approx 1.5 cans of beer
  8. Procure two clean quarters (pre-fancy state quarters bounce better)


  1. Each team gets one quarter. At a starter’s signal players begin bouncing the quarter into any one of the small cups (not the pitcher yet)
  2. If the quarter goes in, the other team must select one person to drink the cup with the quarter at the bottom. Simultaneously, they must pass their quarter to the other team and they get to continue playing for other cups.
  3. Once a team has sunk four cups, they move on to the big pitcher. The team to get the quarter into the pitcher wins. The losing team must drink the pitcher.

Hints and rules:

  1. Every player gets two attempts, then they must pass the quarter
  2. The final pitcher drinking should be one person at a time and no repeat drinkers, which should leave an anchor member who must finish whatever his teammates leave for him
  3. If a quarter leaves the table, game-off until it is back in the hands of the players
  4. Between game toweling off of the table is recommended (beer zamboni)
  5. Speed is essential, lots of yelling will ensue




  1. You should post a warning that it is very easy to die of choking on a quarter while drinking the last pitcher. While playing in VT over new years i thought i was going to die and my parents would know their daughter died by playing robo pound.

  2. First off its called robo and the pitcher starts off to the side of the cups and no one is allowed to shoot on the pitcher until all 8 cups are cleared…

  3. Yes first of all..girls shouldnt be playing robo…and second learning from an alumni at that was one of the first founding fathers at good ol’ Princeton…many parts are missing from this explanation such as…socials, possesion, off’s

  4. I think this is too funny. Sadly I can lay claim as one of the original inventors of this game. A bunch of us came up with this game back in IVY club at Princeton University in 1991 and at the time it really took off and we had a lot of fun. The original game is as described above although I seem to remember the glasses being half full. There were no socials, offs or other – if a team shot the quarter of the bar (it was always played on the club bar back then) that just meant they were more likely to have to drink. It was a lot of fun although today when I think back I’m lucky to still be alive. There were 3 other people involved that I remember – although there must have been 8 of us originally – Joe Caminiti., Big Joe Cardwell, Tom Mooney and myself Andrew Robling (although I was probably better know by another nickname which I’ll keep to myself). We didn’t lose much but if we did Joe Camo would usually drink the first pitcher himself – and he could do it as fast as most people can chug a regular full beer. I think it probably took off when we all dispersed and when the boys went to law school, med school and all over. Thanks for the memories.

  5. Sorry to debunk your story, but you can’t be an inventor. We were playing Robopound at the College of Charleston back in 1988. I had always been told that the creator of Robopound was Craig Appleman (from Rhode Island).

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