coke light

So over here in China, we’ve all been noticing that the Diet Coke, which they call Coke Light, is much much more like regular Coke than what we get in the US. We’ve almost had drinks sent back at the restaurant because we were convinced it could not possibly be diet.

Enter Google.

I searched for the “sodium cyclamate” which the can listed next to Aspartame (NutraSweet) and discovered Stevia

Its name is Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni. … 300-400 times sweeter than sugar and not artificial anything. Stevia is 100% Mother Nature in the form of a green herb plant of the Aster/Chrysanthemum family, the leaves of which yield its naturally-occurring sweet substance, glycoside, or stevioside. Best of all, it has been shown in numerous research studies to have no ill effects on the human body. In fact, in China, Stevia is also used to aid digestion, lose weight and even stimulate the appetite. It is also reported that Stevia powder heals external skin sores while drinking Stevia tea reduces mouth sores and improve oral health. And if that wasn’t enough, Stevia cooks, bakes, sprinkles, and tastes, amazingly like real sugar, maybe even better.

The FDA has refused to approve it as a food additive in the US. There are numerous other articles which talk about the various potential health hazards. We batted around the idea that the Sugar/NutraSweet industry might be fighting it behind the scenes. Who knows, but I sure hope they figure it out – this stuff is delicious.




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