freshish direct

Since my fantastic yet controversial local Organic market (Healthy Pleasures) left my neighborhood apparently due to a lease dispute I’ve been forced to explore other grocery outlets. Hollie recommended Freshdirect and I broke down and tried it.

Here is the text of my feedback to customer service:

1) The mixed fruit salad is not very fresh. This is Manhattan, I can get fresh fruit seven different ways on every street corner so the standard is high. I would prefer to get higher quality, ideally organic mixed fruit selections. Throw some surprises too. Some papaya, kiwis perhaps, mangos maybe, more berries please.

2) I ordered a pre-made salmon w/ cajon spices. It was tasty and fresh except the middle was completely uncooked. I managed to finish cooking it, but that’s basically cooking which is what I didn’t want to do and why I bought pre-cooked dinners.

3) I find the boxes you pack everything in to be extraordinarily wasteful. One piece of cheese in a box big enough to hold three VCRs can’t be efficient. Why not adopt reusable, heavy-duty plastic containers like Homeruns used to use?


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