Apprentice is no Survivor

[via Scoble’s experimental feed + Dylan Greene]

Some interesting Apprentice info:

  • The board room is on the same floor as their swank apartment.
  • The elevators outside the board room are fake and just lead to another hallway.
  • The young woman who rented the apartment Troy’s team renovated already obtained a lease before the show decided to even renovate that apartment. She received $2000 in free furniture her involvement, and knew that no matter what rent she negotiated for, she’d be paying her original rent.
  • That apartment was empty because the previous occupant jumped out the window a month earlier.

More details: Elevator Rides to Nowhere, from New Yorkish and Reality’s Apprentice, which was written by the person living underneath the renovated apartment and is an interesting read.

Tracked from: Apprentice Watch and Craig Pfeifer’s Maps and Legends.



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